Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's A Boy!

Remember how I mentioned in my last post about ADVENTURE, :) well... IT'S A BOY!!! And what a ride it's been! First I want to say Thank you for all the many prayers that went out for us and our precious Luke Kristopher. The pregnancy was a tough one and the end was filled with so many uncertainties, But God is so good and He brought us through it all. I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa at 34 weeks pregnancy and was put on 100 % bed rest. That alone was filled with it's challenges for sure with three little girls at home :) But we are blessed with the best church family and dearest friends and so many helped by bringing meals, watching the girls and light house cleaning, THANK YOU ALL! You know who you are!
By 37 weeks I awoke at 6:30 in the morning with the signs that it was time to get to the hospital, Luke was on his way and a planned emergency C-section is what was going to have to take place. God had brought us far over the few weeks leading up to this day, He had protected me and the baby and had worked out so many miracles and still was working even through the day ahead. The song that we heard playing on the way to the hospital was, "I Can Trust Jesus"by the Collingsworth family. Randy and I, through tears, sang along knowing that every word was true and God was walking through all of this with us.
We arrived at the hospital at 8:30 am and the C-sec became schedualed for 11:15 am. Our pastor, pastor's wife, dear friend and doula Johanna and family Rob and Dee were all there to see us through :) I think it was a great comfort for my hubby, Randy had been so full of support and strength and now that the day was here and not knowing the outcome, it was what we needed. Surrounded by their prayers and many others across the country and even in Argentina :) We felt so blessed knowing this was one prayed for lil baby!
We were also blessed to have one of the best, Dr. Daniel Bowen of Springfield. do the surgery, We are so very thankful that God led us to him a couple of years ago, as I have worked with him as doula and know that I sure would'nt have wanted anyone else! The things he did for our family and the person he is was such a huge blessing. And now for the biggest miracle of all...

6lb 11oz and 20 inches long
born at 11:41am, healthy, pink and crying for all to hear:)

The doctor let us know that he rarely saw a 37 week baby so healthy and ready for home, "Thank you Lord!" All was safely over and although it's been a long road of recovery since, with it's share of difficult moments, the beautiful moments out shine it all. God has so richly blessed us once again and all I hope now is that these precious days don't pass us by too quickly!

holding hands :)

Daddy and Son

Mommy and Luke

First "bath"

We were greeted with several posters like these when we arrived home, all from Randalyn, Autumn and Nikayla (thank you Carla :)

The Girls meet their new brother....:)

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  1. Loved seeing the pics and reading your blog! Wish I could hold him!